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Soapy Massage

This massage originated in Thailand. Hence, we have beauties from Asia providing this kind of massage for you like from Japan, China, Thailand itself etc. You can choose whomsoever you want from our vast gallery of masseuses. However, you can be rest assured that whatever service they all provide will be the same. This we can claim with confidence, as all our masseuses are apt and trained to perform all the massages we have on offer with us. If they weren’t trained in a particular massage, we ensure that we train them in it.

The origin of a Soapy Massage

In this massage of course, both the giver, who’s obviously a female and the receiver who’s a man, both are in naked form. Do not panic, as our masseuses help you to undress. This is a part of the soapy massage ritual and then there’s a bath involved, wherein soap and beautiful aromatic oils are applied to your body and hers’ too. After the application of oil and soap is done, the goddess will rub her naked soft body onto yours’ and don’t ask the feeling is heavenly. Imagine a beautiful goddess caressing and rubbing your back and then moving on to the more erogenous parts of the body. The goddess uses certain salts and incense for this kind of massage, which enhances the experience for you.

What a soapy massage does?

The soapy massage arouses and awakens your senses and leaves you fully charged and sensually and physically active. It helps you forget the tensions and worries of the world and enjoy the moment and togetherness.

How are masseuses treat you?

You feel you are not alone because our masseuses really care for you and pamper you during the time they are with you. You can even shed tears with her over the death of your spouse, parents or even a sibling or any other tragic event. All our tantric masseuses have a listening hear and they are kind and compassionate too. Therefore, if you happen to be in London or even if you are a London native, you must surely visit our massage parlour for a soapy massage London today!